Wedding Planner Bedfordshire's 10 Top Tips for Prepping for a Wedding Day

Updated: May 12, 2020

Zero stress during the last week leading up to your wedding...

1 - Confirm all of your Suppliers/ Vendors

Make sure on the week you contact all suppliers, just to make sure that they have received the wedding day schedule so that they truly know when they are to arrive on the day. This removes all confusion that may have been caused.

An on the day co-ordinator, will be able to help with this as they can take this over so that you can enjoy your week leading up to your wedding.

2 - Venue:

Questions to double check with your venue...

Do they have enough electrical outlets?

How accessible are the toilets...

Is there enough parking?

What is the final headcount?

Can you drop all of your items at your venue, before your big day?

3 - Have an Emergency Kit

4 - Leading up to your big day...

Make sure that you get enough sleep during the whole week and drink plenty of fluids as you might forget to drink enough during your special day.

Make sure that you double check that everything such as your shoes, dress, make u etc are all set in place.

5 - Give yourself a Free Hour

This gives you time to get your dress on without rushing and be able to get all of the photos you want without feeling as if you don't have enough time.

6 - All Files

- Insurance Policy in Place

- Wedding Day Timeline and Schedule

- Wedding Day Checklist completed

7 - Do you have a playlist..

Have you created a playlist for your wedding day or are you allowing a DJ to decide the choices, if you decide to let the DJ decide then I suggest that you have a 'do not play list'. Therefore, you and your partner can add on music that you don't want to have on your day to this list.

8 - Rain Plan

Have a rain plan, especially if you are having an outside wedding ceremony, by making sure you can use a space inside of the venue if you are unable to have the ceremony outside. This fits in with photos as well, are you having a range of photos outside, if so make sure that you have a plan for photos inside as well if you are unable to have the pictures outside.

9 - Practice your Wedding Vows

Make sure that you have gone out them as many times as you can.

10 - On the day..

Relax and breathe, take your time with everything and try to stay calm, remember this is the best day of your life and that you should take everything in.

Beth x





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