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Frequently Asked Questions - Wedding Planner Bedfordshire

Do I need a Wedding Planner, if my venue has a Wedding Co-Ordinator?

The role of a Wedding Coordinator at a venue is very different to the role of a Wedding Planner. A Wedding Planner oversees the whole Wedding Planning process, whereas a Wedding Coordinator is only responsible for the venue, rather than helping with the wedding planning.

How do I hire a Wedding Planner?

The first step is to arrange a completely free personal Wedding Planning consultation, regardless of what stage you are at. I can 

provide you with lots of advice and ideas. 

Why should I book a Wedding Planner?

My expertise as a Wedding Planner will guarantee to reduce your stress and worry for your big day, making the wedding planning journey much more enjoyable. I take the stress and time out of your planning, giving you more freedom to focus on enjoying your engagement. Also, don't forget that Wedding Planners have a range of services so you can choose the one that truly works for you. 

What services do I offer?

I have attached the link to my services - if you want more information then contact me through my contact page. 


Our Wedding Planner's only for big weddings?


I work with lots of different sized weddings, no matter how big or small I can support you with your wedding. 

'I am not sure how to style my wedding?'

I can help you pull all of your ideas together and create a plan of action for your wedding. After listening to all of your ideas, I can recommend to you the suppliers, creating the wedding you have always dreamt of.

Questions to ask yourself for your styling:

- What colours am I drawn to?

- How do a style items in my house?

- How do I style my clothes?

Check out my Pinterest for more ideas:


Can I get discounts by using a Wedding Planner?

We can ensure that you will get good value from all of your suppliers, we can support your budget management and ensure that you have the best options for your budget, ensuring that you aren't being overcharged. 

'I am creative and have quite strong ideas about how I want my wedding to look'

- How can I benefit from a Wedding Planner?

We thrive off inspirational creativity!

I love meeting someone who has a clear vision for their wedding day. We can take your imaginative ideas and work alongside you to ensure that everything will look perfect and work together seamlessly. 

Where do I begin when searching for my venue?

Decide on a location e.g. Hertfordshire 

Decide on several guests (Be flexible)

- Small and Intimate 

- Grand and Formal

What style of venue do you want e.g. Barn/ Ti-Pee

What look and feel do you want?

Is it possible to use the same venue for the ceremony, reception and evening party?


Venues tend to have other rooms you can use while they turn the main area round, which allows for your guests to flow easily through each space during the day. This can reduce the wedding stress because you are all in one area and it can boost your design all it is all in the same area which makes it much easier.

Do you have a Wedding Planning Checklist?

Download mine:


Who are your preferred suppliers?

Contact me for more information on this

Will you attend any wedding-related events?

Unless you ask, normally I would not attend.

What area do you work in?

mainly work in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridge, I do travel around the UK if needed but extra charges will apply. 

What style of weddings do you like best?

My ideal style is a rustic barn e.g. South Farm, Milling Barn, Sissons Barn, in the English countryside, however, I do work with all styles and ideas as I love a challenge.

South Farm Inspiration -

Sissons Barn Inspiration -

Do you provide a wedding day emergency kit?


You can read more about my emergency wedding took-kit in my blog


Are you a certified Wedding Planner?

Yes - Wedding Academy Event Planning

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